President's Message

 Sh Som Nath Gupta

Try to discover the road to success and you will seek but never find.

But blaze your own path and the road to success will trail right behind.

Robber Brault

We must teach what life would hold later on as an advanced stimulation of adult life. It is not only history that we need to know it is a fabulously valuable experience for students to start thinking about their own and the society's alternative future. What is required now is a deep rethinking about the whole system and process of education.

According to Gandhi ji, literacy in itself is no education.

"Literacy is neither the end of education nor even the beginning". What is to be looked into is how far they have developed, practical knowledge and quality useful for social service, which is ultimate aim of education.

Shivalik Public School, Tapa with its collaborative approach will be able to provide international flavour with emphasis on high quality education.

The emphasis must also remain on Indian values, time tested character trades like honesty, sincerity, compassion& on sustainability of environment. I am certain that this temple of learning will help the students to grow mentally alert and physically sound prepared to lead their country with distinction I wish everyone the best of luck in this noble endeavor.

Shivalik Public School

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